High-End Fencing in Epsom, Reigate & the Surrounding Areas


The quality of the garden fencing surrounding properties in Epsom, Reigate and the surrounding Surrey areas makes a huge difference in a number of ways. Strong fencing made from high-grade materials provides better protection against inclement weather, acts as a greater deterrent to criminals and is more likely to keep out vermin and wildlife than low-grade or broke fencing. Additionally, new fencing professionally installed by an experienced, qualified builder and landscaping specialist also increases the aesthetics and value of a property.


Established in 1980, LA Builders provides a range of fencing to suit any taste and budget. Based in Banstead, our team has easy access to surrounding locations such as Epsom, Reigate and the wider Surrey area.


Our fencing range includes, but isn’t limited to:


• Panel Fencing

• Closeboard Fencing

• Picket Fencing

• Post and Rail

• Trellises


LA Builders directly employs each CIS and CSCS-accredited builder on our team. Not only does this allow us to consistently uphold our own standards for quality of workmanship and safety, it also gives our customers assurance that we never rely on outside subcontractors.

We erect fencing professionally in all domestic, commercial and agricultural environments.


Choosing the Right Fencing for You


With decades of experience as a builder and landscaping specialist, we provide free site surveys, quotations and any additional advice in order to ensure that our Banstead, Epsom, Reigate and Surrey area customers get the best fencing to suit their needs.


Below, we’ve outlined the qualities that our fencing options provide.


Panel Fencing – Available in both waney edge and featherboard variations, panel fencing offers an easy installation process that causes minimal disruption to your day. The wooden panels that make up the bulk of this option slot neatly between posts of timber or concrete, creating a stylish yet durable boundary marker.


Closeboard Fencing – Usually constructed onsite at Barnstead, Epsom, Reigate and wider Surrey area properties, closeboard fencing has a longer installation process than other options. However, this construction process offers a bespoke quality perfect for established gardens with fully grown plants and trees and their subsequent root networks. Closeboard fencing has a well-earned reputation for optimal strength and longevity.


Picket Fencing – This fencing option provides charm and kerb appeal rather than security benefits. As such, we usually install picket fencing as an ornamental feature around front gardens or within areas of back gardens that require safety measures, such as ponds or swimming pools.


Post and Rail – Providing a sturdy, rustic feel, post and rail fencing is often utilised in agricultural settings for hem in livestock or for land demarcation. With a structure that can handle modest contours in the land, and with good through-visibility, post and rail fencing has been a sturdy, aesthetically pleasing options for generations.


Trellises – A popular fencing option with homeowners in Banstead, Epsom, Reigate and the neighbouring areas, trellises provide a decorative touch that is perfect for supporting trailing and climbing plants.


As an additional service, we provide saver-sleeves for timber fencing posts to protect them from moisture.


Ensuring a Smooth Installation


LA Builders always recommends that our customers inform their neighbours of their intention to erect new fencing. This discussion ahead of time helps to clarify where the boundary lines lay in accordance with the deeds, and who has responsibility which fence.


As a locally-trusted builder and landscaping specialist, we ensure a smooth fencing erection by digging to the required depth to suit the soil type and undertaking checks for any service cables in the ground beneath the proposed installation area.


When these steps have been completed, customers in Banstead, Epsom, Reigate and the surrounding areas can look forward to the imminent erection of their new fencing.


All of our completed work comes with an unconditional 10-year guarantee.


To view examples of our completed fencing work, as well as our other services such as patios and driveways, please view our gallery page.


For more information on fencing in Banstead, Epsom, Reigate and across the Surrey area, call Lois Ayres, our business owner, on 01737 373943 or 07958 799469.

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